Hyderabad, Delhi, Gurugram Locked Down By Pounding Rain

New Delhi:  Heavy rain in Delhi and Gurgaon brought back massive traffic jams during rush hour on Wednesday as the sky darkened and roads were flooded within seconds.

US Secretary of State John Kerry’s plans to visit religious sites in Delhi were cancelled due to heavy rain.

This is the second time Mr Kerry sampled first hand the rain nightmare in Delhi.

On Monday, he was among those stuck in traffic while being taken from the airport to his hotel in Delhi.

Heavy rain also pounded Hyderabad, where officials advised people not to go out.

Heavy rain in Hyderabad this morning
The police in Gurugram, the business hub adjacent to Delhi, issued advisories early as the rain came pouring down, asking people to be patient and navigate roads with discipline.

“Heavy rains in Gurgaon, please be advised. Be patient and maintain lane discipline, we are on the job to facilitate your movement,” the Gurgaon police tweet read.

Angry office goers tweeted about being stuck in the massive traffic jams that have become synonymous with rain in the capital.

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