‘Rajasthan tops in rape cases under the 18-44 age bracket’

JAIPUR: Women in Rajasthan coming under the age bracket of 18 to 44 years are not safe. The last year’s datas of the National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB) released on Tuesday said that the state reported the highest number of rape cases in this age bracket (18-44). However, Rajasthan is on the third position in the country in number of total rape cases reported.

Senior police officers though justified the alarming rise to the timely reporting of these cases through registration of FIRs in the state, they said that measures will be taken for the safety of women.

As per the datas, in the age bracket of 18-29, the number of rape cases registered in Rajasthan in 2015 is 2018. It was followed by Madhya Pradesh where 1,962 rape cases were registered, Uttar Pradesh 1,833, Maharashtra 1,385 and Assam 1,074.

Likewise in the age bracket of 30-44, Rajasthan has reported highest number of cases. In Rajasthan, 789 cases were reported. It was followed by Madhya Pradesh 748, Assam 583, Uttar Pradesh 528 and Maharashtra 456.

Not only that the state has reported highest number of incest rape cases in the country. “In this category, 98 rape cases were registered in the state. It was followed by Kerala where 70 such cases were registered, Maharashtra 69, Uttar Pradesh 43 and Madhya Pradesh 26,” said a police officer quoting NCRB figures.

A social activist working on child rights and women rights said that incest rape is the outcome of the degrading social values in the society as for it society itself should be held responsible.

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