13 Indians test positive for Zika in Singapore

India has a long list of politicians who lost their Cabinet berths after losing an election. But, AAP’s Sandeep Kumar would go down in record books as the first minister to get kicked out of a ministry because of something that just rhymes with, er, election.

On Wednesday night, he was sacked by Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal just before the media started playing tapes, of Kumar’s alleged escapades in a house that looked like his hunting ground, on loop.

In a CD sent anonymously to media houses, Kumar, minister of women and child welfare, allegedly figures with two different women. In one of them — a nine-minute video — he is seen in an “objectionable” position with a woman, whom he later advises to meet him “only after 9 pm” and never in public. The CD also contained still pictures allegedly showing Kumar with another woman in varying degrees of proximity.
SINGAPORE: The ministry of external affairs has confirmed that thirteen Indian nationals have tested positive for Zika virus in Singapore, Reuters reported on Thursday.

“According to our mission in Singapore 13 Indian nationals have tested positive for Zika in Singapore,” Vikas Swarup, spokesman for the ministry of external affairs, said in response to a Reuters inquiry.

US health officials have concluded that Zika infections in pregnant women can cause microcephaly, a birth defect marked by small head size that can lead to severe developmental problems in babies.

Meanwhile, Singapore has confirmed its first case of a pregnant woman testing positive for the Zika virus infection, as the number of cases of the mosquito-borne virus in the city-state rose to 115.

The Ministry of Health and National Environment Agency said the pregnant woman was living in the virus-hit housing and industrial area of Sims Drive/Aljunied Crescent in the southeast of the island.

The woman, who displayed mild symptoms of the virus, was taken to KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital on Wednesday. A member of her household was also diagnosed as positive for Zika.

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