The world gathers at Vatican City for Mother Teresa’s sainthood

VATICAN CITY: Mother Teresa was born in the Macedonian capital of Skopje, only 742km from Vatican City , though she ended up travelling 10 times the distance -7,216 km -to reach the spiritual capital of Roman Catholics, from Calcutta. But the millions who have congregated at the Vatican to witness Blessed Teresa being anointed Saint Teresa of Calcutta, agree the world has become a more blessed place because of this detour spanning continents, countries and cities.

The sentiment, too, is seemingly shared by people across continents, countries and cities. A doctor from Kolkata, a seminary student from Chandrapur in Maharashtra, a Ugandan and an 85-year-old woman from the US are among thousands who have gathered to make the Vatican the world’s biggest melting pot and witness the ritual that will end in Agnes Gonxha from Albania (now Macedonia) becoming Saint Teresa. Saturday saw the warmup to the main event that would take place at 10am local time (1.30pm IS ..


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