Cauvery Row: Anger In Bengaluru, Vehicles Told Not To Go To Tamil Nadu

BENGALURU:  In the Cauvery water dispute, massive protests erupted in Karnataka on Monday, especially on the streets of Bengaluru and Mysuru, as a modified Supreme Court order meant the state has to release more water to neighbour Tamil Nadu.

Here are 10 developments in the story:

1-On Karnataka’s petition, the court modified an earlier order and said the state has to release less river water to Tamil Nadu but for five more days. Karnataka, which will end up giving more water after the modified order, urged the court to reconsider but its request was rejected.

2-In Bengaluru and Mysuru, shops and vehicles of Tamil Nadu were attacked and set on fire.

3-Karnataka has stopped bus services to Tamil Nadu and police jeeps were positioned along the border to warn vehicles against entering that state.

4-Schools and colleges were closed early in Bengaluru and metro services have been stopped as a precaution.

5-In Chennai, a hotel owned by a Karnataka company was vandalized by a fringe group. The attackers broke into the New Woodlands hotel early this morning, broke glasses and window panes. 6-They allegedly also threw a petrol bomb and left pamphlets warning of retaliation if Tamils were targeted in Karnataka.

7-Four members of the group have been arrested. At least 10 people were involved in the attack, the police say.

8-Five tourist vehicles from Karnataka, including two buses, were vandalized in Rameswaram in southern Tamil Nadu.

9-Over the weekend, a young man – reported to be Tamil – was attacked and humiliated in Bengaluru by a group allegedly over his comments on social media on the Cauvery dispute. In a video of the attack that went viral, the engineering student was slapped and kicked by the men. The police suspect he was attacked after his post on Facebook mocking Kannada actors was widely circulated.

The protests began after Karnataka was asked last week by the Supreme Court to release 15,000 cusecs of water to Tamil Nadu daily from the river Cauvery, which flows through both states.

10-On Monday the Supreme Court, responding to Karnataka’s petition that it would not be able to release that much water, modified its order.


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