Kashmir: Shutting major mosques, shrines on Eid will have huge backlash, says Omar Abdullah

Former Chief Minister Omar Abdullah on Tuesday said that the government’s decision to “close all major mosques and shrines in Kashmir on Eid” has “never happened in our history” and “will have a huge backlash”.

“People are saying that it is the rule of Jan Sangh and that’s why the doors of every major mosque and shrine have been locked by this government. People who had gone to offer prayers at Sayid sahib (shrine) in my neighbourhood were shocked to see it locked. People are very angry,” Abdullah told The Indian Express over phone from Srinagar. “We didn’t have such a situation ever in our history. They have closed all the major mosques and shrines and have disallowed people to offer Eid prayers there. They have disallowed prayers at Eidgah, Hazratbal, Maqhdoom sahib, Jamia masjid, even the Sayid sahib shrine in my neighbourhood. It is going to have a huge backlash.”

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