Shahabuddin’s terror was such, that no lawyer stayed on our case for long, says father of Rajiv Roshan

With former RJD parlimentarian Mohammed Shahabuddin out on release, Chandrakeshwar Prasad, father of Rajiv Roshan says that he has lost not just three out of his four sons, but his fear as well. No good lawyer has stayed on his case for long because of the fear of Shahabuddin and now the fear is even more as he is out of jail.

In 2014, Shahabuddin was found guilty for kidnapping brothers- Girish Raj and Satish Raj, giving them “an acid bath” and then murdering them. The chief witness in the case, Rajiv Roshan, also the elder borther of Girish and Satish was murdered by Shahabuddin’s son Osama three days before he was to record his statement.

“I am a helpless father who is still breathing despite losing three sons. I have only my fourth son, who has a physical disability. For a man three of whose sons have been murdered, what is there to fear?” said Chanda Babu, 70, in a conversation with The Indian Express.



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