Behind The Scene: Felicitation For A Traitor?

When Venkaiah Naidu landed at Gannavaram airport, he was given a king-like welcome and taken in a massive rally to Vijayawada.

In fact, it appeared as if Venkaiah Naidu was a TDP leader as he was completely submerged in a sea of ‘yellow’. Then at Vijayawada, his own party the BJP arranged a felicitation ceremony for him and spoke lavishly of him for having got the special package to AP.

Are people in the State going mad? Here is a guy who said that we need special status for AP not for five years but for 10 years and once the elections are over, goes back shamelessly on his word.

He now says that the special package is a boon to AP. This is not a PV Sindhu who has done the nation and the Telugus proud but a man who has unhesitatingly backstabbed the Andhras for his own aggrandisement.  .




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