Girl stabbed 30 times in Delhi, dies

NEW DELHI: A 21-year-old girl was allegedly stabbed to death 30 times in North Delhi on Tuesday morning. She was rushed to a nearby hospital in a critical state, where she succumbed to her injuries.

21-year-old woman succumbs to stab wounds, was allegedly stabbed 27-28 times by a stalker in Burari, Delhi this morning.

delhi deserves is a better govt,fuckups like kujliwal/sisodia can not run a city perhaps the largest in the planet,simply they are not cut out for this kind of job.we need more commited people.


Karuna was a teacher at Novel Reaches School. The victim, daughter of Naresh, was a resident of Sant Nagar, Burari . The girl’s family alleges that the suspect, Surendar Singh, had been troubling her since a year. They had lodged an FIR 4-5 months back and both the families had reached a compromise. The assailant is a 34- year-old divorcee.


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