Car runs over labourer and carries his body on roof for 3 kilometres in Telangana

MAHBUBNAGAR,Sept21:  In a shocking incident, a speeding car hit a man and then kept travelling for a distance of 3 kilometres with his body on its roof, in Telangana’s Mahbubnagar on Monday night.

The driver, eventually stopped by locals, escaped. He has been identified as Rajashree Reddy.

The man who was hit was 38-year-old Srinivasulu, a labourer crossing the road near a bus stand around 8.30 pm. He was hit so hard by the Chevrolet car coming from Kurnool that he was flung in the air and thrown onto the roof of the vehicle.

Instead of stopping, the driver accelerated and kept speeding until the red car was spotted by bikers who called the police. Disturbing visuals showed blood dripping down the windscreen.

“We received information that a car carrying a dead body on its top was going towards Hyderabad,” said a senior police officer.

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