Searches Start In Pathankot As Men In Army Fatigues Raise Suspicion

Very rich person Anil Ambani praised family today, presenting his child Anmol as another executive on the leading body of his organization Reliance Capital and declaring that a “virtual merger” of his Reliance Communications with more seasoned sibling Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Jio has now been affected.

Anil Ambani was tending to shareholders today at Mumbai’s Birla Matushri, where four of his organizations held their Annual General Meetings or AGMs in a steady progression.

“Both siblings are currently cooperating to satisfy Dhirubhai’s fantasies,” said Mr Ambani, 57, to an overwhelming applause. He was alluding to their dad Dhirubhai Ambani who fabricated the Reliance realm. For a long time after their dad’s passing, Anil Ambani was antagonized from sibling Mukesh, India’s wealthiest man.


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