Lodha panel moves SC seeking removal of BCCI top brass including Anurag Thakur

NEW DELHI: Justice R M Lodha board has presented its report to the Supreme Court blaming BCCI for resisting the zenith court arranges and obstructing change usage. Lodha board in their report have solicited the expulsion from BCCI big shots and arrangement of manager to execute changes. The Lodha board said however the six month due date set by SC for execution of changes is quick drawing nearer, the BCCI is not collaborating in drawing up a firm guide for this.

SC seat headed by CJI TS Thakur attacked BCCI for setting out to resist usage of SC ordered changes. Thakur said: “SC won’t permit BCCI to oppose court orders. We will pass fitting requests to set you right.” SC went ahead to say that the BCCI is bringing the framework into unsavoriness and in the event that it can set out to oppose SC then the affirmation of inconsistency in Board could be valid.


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