Saamana cartoon controversy: Cartoonist regrets hurting Maratha sentiments

A day after an office of Shiv Sena mouthpiece “Saamana” was stoned over a toon it conveyed implying the progressing Maratha mobilizes, the sketch artist Wednesday communicated lament over his work, which has activated sharp response from over the political range in Maharashtra. “The assessments of Maratha people group were harmed by my toon. Be that as it may, there was never a goal to hurt anyone. However, I express lament if feelings were harmed inadvertently,” sketch artist Shrinivas Prabhudesai said in an announcement carried on the front page of Saamana.

On Monday, Saamana had distributed the cartoon that endeavored to make fun at the battle for Maratha reservation that is under path in the state. The toon seemed to have played with the words ‘Mook Morcha’ (noiseless rally) and made it “Mooka Morcha (kiss rally)” and demonstrated a couple kissing in the midst of the rally.




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