WhatsApp data sharing with Facebook: The official blog post that shows why people are so angry at messaging app

It was a citation that WhatsApp’s makers likely lament. Sat at the highest point of a blog entry from 2012, and taken from Fight Club, it read: “Publicizing makes them pursue autos and garments, working occupations we abhor so we can purchase poo we needn’t bother with”.

Until this week, it had been an imperative method for comprehension WhatsApp’s way to deal with advertisements: it simply didn’t have them, and submitted never to do as such. At that point it reported the news its clients had dreaded since it was purchased by Facebook: those advertisements were en route.

Not just would WhatsApp begin demonstrating promoting inside the application itself, it likewise said that it would start giving over information to Facebook, which would be utilized to choose what advertisements would be appeared on the interpersonal organization. The majority of that would require a change to the application’s terms, and it was those progressions that commenced a week of contention.


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